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Why you need to take your next meeting outside

With technology taking over our methods of communication, and digital screens all around us whilst we work, you might think it’s impossible to find the time to take a break outside. But it’s important to remember that a change of scenery, or trying a new approach to an old process, can be a real boost for you and your team.

According to The Collaborative Exchange (http://bit.ly/2HOoRCw) these are the 4 benefits to taking your next work meeting outside – and quick, before the sun disappears!

Boost energy levels and creativity

Getting up and taking a step back can help you focus better. Plus, vitamin D gives you energy which will boost your brain and help you to generate ideas and solutions in your work.

It will feel like a break

Who doesn’t need a break? Even though you are still having a meeting, being outside will make it feel like a break because you’ve changed the scenery. You’ll reap the benefits and feel refreshed when you return to your desk, ready to start your next task. It also helps when you look forward to your meetings if you view them as a break in your day – rather than sitting in a drab meeting room.

Step away from the screen

Your eyes will thank you for it. It’s hard to stay away from screens when we’re surrounded by smartphones, tablets, laptops…. Too much screen time can actually damage the brain, and it’s not ideal to sit in one spot all day, so removing yourself from your normal chair will give you new perspective too.

Break down barriers with your colleagues

Some people find it a lot less intimidating to walk and talk, or sit on a bench, rather than staring face-to-face over an office table. You automatically humanise people when you see them in an environment outside of work. Being outside sets the tone for a relaxed atmosphere, and you get to enjoy the fresh air too.

So before the sun goes down, schedule that next meeting and see how well your team respond.

Did you know, our case studies are available to download and print, so no screen required if you want to share them with your team outside – take a look here.

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