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Our NHS Continues to change (BBC 15th Jan 2014)

More than 70% of NHS contracts awarded since April 2013 have gone to private sector bidders

Almost 70% of contracts for NHS services in England between April-December 2013 were won by private firms, a campaign group claims.

NHS reforms mean “qualified providers” can bid to provide clinical services, such as scans and out-of-hours care.

The NHS Support Federation, which opposes a competitive market in the NHS, said that, of 57 contracts awarded, 39 went to private firms.

The government said the figures were “selective and misleading”.

The NHS Support Federation said 15 of the 57 contracts went to the NHS, two went to charities and one was shared between the NHS and a non-NHS supplier.

They cover everything from mental health services, GP and out-of-hours services and diagnostics such as blood tests, X-rays and scans.

The campaign group says that contracts worth a total of £5bn were advertised between April-December 2013. Of those, contracts worth £510m were actually awarded in that time with £450m worth awarded to non-NHS suppliers.

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