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How successful people bounce back after a long weekend

Research from UK Business Insider, revealed the top tips for helping with productivity after a long weekend.

According to several productivity and work experts, the key to bouncing back is to hit the ground running. Here’s how:

Arrive early

Mitigate the barrage of workload and get in early. If you arrive at the normal time, you’ll be behind before you’ve even started.

(See original article here: https://read.bi/2uxdr36)

Audit your To Do list

Now’s the time to be brutal with your list. Consider the things that you’re always putting off. Are they still a priority? You’ve had a break from work, so look at your list again with fresh eyes and re-plan your goals for the week.


The same goes for your calendar. Double check you need to be involved in every meeting – you’re on a short week!

Check in with people

If Monday is a regular catch up day, it’s a good idea to still check in with people that you’ve missed meeting due to the holiday. Schedule in some time, even if it’s only a brief conversation, so you can make sure everyone’s on the same page as you, and focused for the days ahead.

Re-focus on work

As much as it’s important to switch off your work brain when you’re off work, it is just as important to switch it back on again! And fast. Why not cherry pick something from your To Do list that will put you in a positive mindset.

Tackle that inbox

Tidy house, tidy mind. The same goes for your desk and inbox too. Discover if anything urgent is lurking in your inbox and you’ll feel empowered when you see the number of unread emails dwindling.

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