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Evaluating, benchmarking and optimising ‘Digital In-Call Excellence’

Over the last few months, we’ve been helping companies adapt quickly to the Covid-19 crisis. Drawing on our 10 years of remote selling experience, we’ve partnered with clients to help them maintain meaningful and compliant activity.

As the ‘new normal’ develops, many companies will have seen first-hand the benefits of remote selling and will continue to invest in improving their capabilities. But how can you optimise your remote selling process? Questions from clients include:

– What does good remote selling look like?
– What do HCPs say about the best remote interactions?
– How do my team compare versus the industry?
– What do I need to do to improve the capability of my customer facing teams in the ‘new normal’?

We’re excited to announce that today, in collaboration with our sister company Star Medical*,  we are launching our innovative ‘Digital In-Call Excellence’ (DICE) events – providing answers to all of the above and more, harnessing technology and insights not seen in our industry before. This solution meets our clients’ need to evaluate, benchmark and subsequently optimise their remote selling capability.


“The insights and reporting are absolute gold dust to us right now. The event has played an important role in our plan for re-engagement.” National Sales Manager


What does it look like?

Remember the ICQ events of years gone by? In essence, DICE offers the same scenario for your teams to conduct multiple validated sales interactions with HCPs. What’s different? It’s all done online.

This approach provides an invaluable opportunity for representatives to practice in a safe environment as they grapple with the new and developing skills our new world demands. Calls are recorded to allow real-time and post event review and coaching. As a company you receive unique HCP feedback on your remote process, plus individual/team, internal and external benchmark reports.


“Change is always a bit scary but the DICE session removed much of the fear through clear instruction, feedback and support.” Sales Representative


Our offering is different for two reasons:

1. Significant tech investment means we collate ‘AI’ insight from every engagement

With our events you will gain unprecedented insight into call signals, voice sentiment, best practice key words and buying intent – insight like never before.

2. Benchmarked data and our 10-year heritage inform a clear action plan to drive remote capability

With our own remote selling journey starting over a decade ago we have the insight and expertise to consult, support and deliver bespoke training interventions for your teams.

So, with the race on to upskill your teams and capture HCP’s attention digitally, we look forward to working with the early adopters who intend to get ahead, and stay ahead in remote selling.

Contact us today to find out more.


*Star and OUTiCO are wholly owned subsidiaries of Uniphar Group plc.

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