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Engaging HCPs with different learning styles

The best way to engage with Health Care Professionals is to focus on their individual needs, but just as important, is embracing their learning style and preferences too.

Everyone processes information differently. If you can establish your HCPs preferred style, then you’re one step ahead already. So what are the options for contacting HCPs with different learning styles? According to Hubspot, this is how you can identify them:

Visual learners

These people respond best to seeing pictures, graphs, diagrams etc. It’s also an easier way to digest a lot of information at once. These people will respond much better to visuals than to listening to someone on the end of the phone. Research from the Social Science Research network reports that this applies to 65% of us – we process information by what we see.

Best channels:

  • Screen share
  • Video conference
  • Email

Auditory learners

These people respond best to information they can hear. They enjoy talking through issues, and listening to solutions, more so than reading through written text. They may read text out loud to help them digest it easier.

Best channel:

  • Telephone
  • Face-to-face

Kinesthetic learners

Kinesthetic, or physical learners, grasp things quicker with a hands-on approach. They are more likely to display physical engagement in meetings, using elaborate hand gestures and communicate with their body language.

Best channel:

  • Face-to-face

Once you’ve established the personal preference and learning style of your HCP you will benefit from higher engagement. The key to continued success is having access to this information, so that time is not wasted using a channel that your HCP does not feel comfortable with. At OUTiCO we have over 3 years of records, across all CCGs, detailing personal preferences of HCPs – so not only do we know who to contact, we know which channel to use for optimum results.

Take a look at some of our results using the multi-channel approach here.

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