Driving product awareness in retail

Driving product awareness in retail
Driving product awareness in retail


  • Drive awareness of the availability of a generic product within the market and support 2 primary care brands
  • Flat sales line for the first 9 months of the product life cycle for the generic product
  • Busy and competitive market traditionally driven from wholesale or face to face pharmacy calls from existing sales force



  • Initial pilot team of 6 Multi-Channel Account Managers re-deployed within company for short term focus
  • OUTiCO targeting 8400 small chain multiples or independent pharmacies via the phone
  • Following initial 3 month trial, permanent MCAM team of 4 deployed to support the company retail division
  • Flexibility to change brands to reflect the market and future product launches



  • 31% unit sales growth for generic product
  • Additional insights into the retail market provided by the MCAM team down to individual pharmacy level: Preferred wholesalers/shortliners; Product and competitor feedback; Awareness and interest in product



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