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Flexible working: helping people to achieve a work/life balance

Flexible working: it’s a phrase that is often bandied around the office, and usually in reference to achieving that elusive work/life balance. It’s something that many people aspire to achieve, because we all know that work stress can have a detrimental effect on personal health, relationships, and even the efficiency of work performance.

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Happy 5th birthday to OUTiCO!

We're proud to have reached the 5 year milestone, and are celebrating everything we have achieved as a team!

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Everyone’s talking about Multi-Channel Account Management

Multi-Channel Account Management is shaking up the pharmaceutical industry (more…)

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The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen R Covey

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6th January 2014 -NICE launches consultation on 2015/16 QOF

NICE, the health and social care guidance body, has opened a public consultation today on potential new indicators for the 2015/16 Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF). The potential new indicators have been developed to improve the quality of care provided by family doctors.

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Our NHS Continues to change (BBC 15th Jan 2014)

More than 70% of NHS contracts awarded since April 2013 have gone to private sector bidders

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