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Pharma industry falling behind B2B digital trends

The digital revolution has changed the sales landscape in all industries, redefining what it takes to be a market leader. (more…)

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What does a future-proof sales representative look like?

For years, the role of the pharma sales representative has followed a uniform approach, a tried and tested method for selling to Health Care Professionals: field reps deployed across the roads, handling face-to-face appointments, and waiting for clinicians to become available. But in recent years pharma has changed, and businesses can no longer afford to continue with a traditional model in an ever-changing, modern world.

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Engaging HCPs with different learning styles

The best way to engage with Health Care Professionals is to focus on their individual needs (more…)

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The Holy Grail of HCP Access

The pressure on the NHS continues to build. But the pressure on pharma companies to maintain sales delivery also remains high. (more…)

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Why you need to take your next meeting outside

With technology taking over our methods of communication, and digital screens all around us whilst we work (more…)

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How to approach market access following approval for your brand from NICE or SMC

Scottish cost regulators have approved funding for five new therapies on the NHS, offering new treatment options for a range of conditions. See full article here: http://bit.ly/2qkifnO

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