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Can you keep up with the NHS?  Long term plan seals the deal for a digital future

We’ve known for years that digital transformation was going to shake things up across the industry. And now, the NHS have outlined their long term plan, which places digital solutions firmly on the agenda. (more…)

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What pharma can learn from trends in B2B sales

Digital transformation has changed B2B sales for good.  (more…)

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The value of building a multi-channel business

We often talk about multi-channel in terms of our sales model, but multi-channel has a whole host of benefits when applied to running a business too. (more…)

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OUTiCO Ltd Awarded Best In Pharmaceutical Outsourcing – UK

The Corporate LiveWire Healthcare and Life Sciences Awards celebrate global companies and individuals who have excelled over the past 12 months.  (more…)

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Who says remote sales can’t be personal?

Traditional pharma sales has be associated with the personal touch for decades. (more…)

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Attracting and retaining talent – recruiting the workforce of the future

When it comes to recruitment, it's a two way street. Companies need to assess how attractive or appealing they are in order to recruit and retain the best talent. (more…)

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