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5 tactics to master Market Access

Is it time to rethink your game plan? To succeed at Market Access, follow these 5 tactics: (more…)

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Our achievements in Market Access

Market Access - Unique Accessibility Data (2016) (more…)

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Win a Christmas hamper!

WIN a luxury Christmas hamper! (more…)

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You Need a Shift in Mindset to Access Payer Customers

Kevin Lennon, Head of Operations & Market Access at OUTiCO, shares his definition of market access and the key to success.  (more…)

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Embracing multi-channel in the digital age – PME article

This month our COO Paul Black shared his thoughts with PME on multi-channel in Pharma. (more…)

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The secret to multi-channel success

Multi-channel marketing is a hot topic in pharma. Everyone is talking about using different channels to reach the same customers, but companies are experimenting with varying levels of success. So what’s the secret? (more…)

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