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Be more memorable with customers

Do your customers remember everything you said? And can you influence them to remember more?

The human memory is a complex process – instead of remembering every little thing, our brains pick out the most important parts and retain this as a memory. Your brain constantly filters and prioritises information to avoid getting overloaded with useless info, but how can we influence what people remember in a work situation?

What we remember after 2 weeks

According to Edgar Dale, a US educationist and professor of education who developed the Cone of Learning model, after 2 weeks, we remember just 20% of what we have heard, yet we remember 50% of what we saw and heard. So utilising different channels, such as video conferencing, screen sharing and email, is going to help customers remember a lot more of what has been discussed.

Remember individual preferences

It’s important to note as well that, as individuals, we all have different learning styles and preferences – some people prefer visuals to verbal, and others may prefer a social group situation.

Customers are individuals with different personalities and needs. An approach that works for one, may not work for another. Some will enjoy face-to-face meetings, whilst others may prefer a screen share teleconference. It’s critical to treat people as individuals and adapt your behaviour if you want to succeed.

This is why a multi-channel approach is essential for engaging individuals, and helping people to retain important information, which in turn, improves the sales process.

To find out more about our Multi-Channel Account Management approach, watch our short video here.




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